How Quickly We Forget


People who really know me will tell you that once God has spoken, I will not be moved. Time and experience has taught me how to hear God’s voice and settle it in my spirit, no matter what the circumstance. And don’t tell me what God told you unless you want to be reminded, lol.

Once God confirms something, the matter is settled in heaven. We just have to become steadfast and unmoveable in our faith in what God has said. Even, if it looks opposite or the desire is not there, it doesn’t matter. God spoke it and our Father doesn’t lie.

I keep a journal and have done so for years. I used to write in it daily, but the blog changed that. But I have learned to write important things down, like specific scripture promises, prophecies and dreams and visions.There are times when God says something and we forget. Often I go back in my journal and my faith is renewed because I am reminded of all that God has said.

If God confirmed something yesterday, don’t forget! I so dislike spiritual ADD! Stick with what God has said and don’t be moved! Stay focused on God’s promise. In the fullness of time, it will come to pass!

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