It’s All in the Conversation


Being online, whether as friends or lovers, can be interesting. But I dislike relating online. To me you can’t fully get to know someone online.

I’ve met many people online and with few exceptions, most of those friendships graduated to the phone. Now, just so you know none of these relationships were love connections. They were friendships with women. I would never get involved with a man online. But that is just me.

I believe that if you want your friendships or love relationship to grow, talking on the phone will make or break it. There is nothing like hearing someones voice and actually having a conversation, to help you determine who you are dealing with.

I am a talker. For me a good conversation goes a long way. Yes, you will be taking a chance, but what is the alternative? Staying online forever? Go for it.

If it’s a love connection, get pass the fantasy of it all and have a conversation. It’s the first step in either an ending or new beginning!

2 thoughts on “It’s All in the Conversation

  1. Staying online is much safer. No messy relationship things to worry about. I can control when and where and what I interact with so I can safely hide in my “room” (vague reference to Simon and Garfunkle’s “I am an Island”). Yes I love the blogosphere because I can maintain the illusion I’m in control of something! (All of that said tongue in cheek!)

    Love your blog! Great thoughts to chew on daily!

    Jekyll (sometimes Hyde)

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