A Message in a Movie

Movie-theater-ipadYes, God speaks in many ways and I believe He spoke to me through a movie.

The other day I was on my way to the movies and I checked the movie times online and they had different times, so I called the theater to make sure. Well of course after I got to the theater, I realize I was given the wrong information. The movie wasn’t starting until 4:40 and I was there for a 4:00 movie. Well it was a set-up to change the movie I would see.  I explained to the manager that I was given the wrong time over the phone and asked if I could change and see a different movie, and she agreed. So I went to see something different at 4 o’clock and all I can say is nothing happens by accident.

This movie had a clear message to me. I’m not going to say what movie I saw, but I knew God was speaking loud and clear. No matter what things look like we just have to believe what God is saying. Circumstances mean nothing to God. He uses the circumstances to work out His purpose and plan. Trust Him.

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