Things Are Not What They Seem


Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange Knowles

Today, the internet was all abuzz as video footage surfaced of Solange Knowles, sister of Beyoncé, physically attacking Beyoncé’s husband rapper Jay-Z. The footage came from a hotel elevator camera.

The video is shocking to say the least. While watching Solange attack her brother-in-law, you cannot help but wonder what made her fighting mad. It was also interesting to watch Beyoncé do absolutely nothing. But the title of this post came about because once all parties came out of the elevator, had you not seen the elevator video, you would have NEVER known all that drama took place.

The world idolizes celebrities, but we need to keep our eyes focused on the Lord. Watching the video got me to thinking that things are definitely NOT what they seem!

Love Series: It’s a Process

Trust the ProcessForgive my random ramblings. You may have to read a few post before this if, this doesn’t make sense.

In my mind, I have always felt it was best that these two “star-crossed” lovers, who I am looking at, to meet each other, but my dream seemed to have said otherwise. God knows what is best. Whatever happens, I believe that it’s working for my good. God knows that there is a process that is necessary for people to go through to get them to the level He wants them at and sometimes it’s must come through a wrong relationship. Not my choosing, but God knows.

I am going to continue to speak life into my vision, because God has determined the end. I remember all too well hearing this minister preaching a sermon about how Samson made up his mind that he wanted a particular woman and how in the end they did not end up together, but it was still a part of the plan of God.  This sermon blew my mind because I realize something can be ordained of God and STILL NOT WORK OUT! WOW!  This is what God spoke to me about my God-ordained mate and this woman who he desires to marry. There is something about this situation that is going to assure the future. So however that must happen, I am prepared to walk through it (or shall I say, I am preparing to walk through it).

Then I remember watching this Lifetime movie about this couple that got married, but the husband must have had a very strong connection with this other woman and she came back into his life AFTER he married is wife. Well the two former loves were drawn to each other like magnets and it threatened the marriage. I remember God asking me if I wanted that to happen and of course I don’t. I knew the Lord was telling me to let HIS process take place because it’s a set up for the future. In other words, sometimes you have to get what you want to realize it’s not what you need and if you don’t, you will always long for it, thinking you missed out. Well no woman wants that in her marriage.

I know that it’s not time for me and the person who God has spoken to me about. We are definitely not ready for each other; that is clear. Now the process to that, may be a relationship that escalates and goes offline. I don’t know. The Michael Jackson dream confuses me a bit, but I have learned NEVER to discount my dreams. We will see. Whatever happens, God let me know it’s all a part of the process!

Isaiah 46:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 I make known the end from the beginning,
    from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
    and I will do all that I please.’




Love Series: Choosing for Now

choose rightEverything I have shared on here about what God revealed to me about the man who GOD SAID  was in my future has nothing to do with chasing a man. It has to do with desiring the Will of God. Unless you have been there, you have no idea what it’s like to have God show you something you never even wanted or desired (nothing personal against the man) and then to see it go in the opposite direction.

But I do realize I am in the fight of my life now. I had a dream that was clearly a warning. Honestly, this man wants and desires to be with someone else in the natural and I want to wish both him and her well (I think I know her as well). But being pregnant with something not of my choosing for a very long time prevents me from giving up. I will hold on to what God says until I can’t hold on any longer.

Now, just so you KNOW that I am not crazy, this vision was given to me MANY years ago and GOD told me before His plan came to pass this man (my God ordained mate) would come VERY CLOSE to marrying the WRONG WOMAN.  So guess what? I am living through this at this very moment. I want to say it’s intimidating, but it’s not in the sense of what you think. It’s very hard because of the rejection. Most of us have a certain amount of pride, and that is what I am dealing with. But guess what? God never promised us that he was going to boost our ego.

Interesting enough, the women who I think he is thinking of marrying sent me a text message that helped me understand what the problem was. I was asking God why and she and I were having a text message conversation about why marriages fail and she told me that the reason they fail is because people choose for NOW and not for the future. So you choose the person who fits your life now, not taking in account your future. Well I know that is the truth.

This man has a great future, probably a lot different then he is imagining now and he is choosing for now. Yes, a nice women, but one who is not called to where he is going.

This is hard but God showed me what I have to do  and it’s nothing in the natural realm. I will be turning down my plate for an extended amount of time and God is going to show them. But I know if I don’t fast, could happen. No self-deception here.

I am asking God to show the truth of the situation; to get behind the facade and fantasy of the situation and to show it to each of them for what it really is. Now how God will do that is up to Him. I am going to keep my hands off of it except for this blog.

You may think it’s futile to continue and believe me everything in me wants to let go, but if God told you that the person you were ordained to be with would get close to marrying someone else before you got together with them and it happened, would YOU give up? Like I said, if I can get past my ego, I will be alright and turning down my plate is going to do that!


Lamentations 3:37

New International Version (NIV)

37 Who can speak and have it happen
    if the Lord has not decreed it?