His Servant a True Prophet



Several years back I remember being attacked on this same message board that I’ve been talking about. At that time there was another couple of star-crossed lovers and they would attack me as though I was the enemy. But I knew what I had seen and heard from God.

I was called a witch and judgment was pronounced upon me by both the male and female parties and guess what happened to the woman? She landed in jail! I remained free and continued to share and see all that God had showed me. Strangely enough I had a dream that something similar happened in this current case. Same man, different woman. That’s why I am not moved by what I see or hear.

I’ve been through this before and came out of it not even smelling like smoke. Oh they still tried to blame me, but I didn’t have anything to do with the woman going to jail. I believe that same thing can happen again. The circumstances may not be exactly the same but I believe it can happen again. I saw it in a dream.

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