Let’s Talk About My Issues

explosed link on a chainI think I have shared enough about this other stuff. God spoke to me last night about three different things. I stayed up all night and it was worth it.

First the Lord spoke to me about the financial increase that he promised me. God told me that my harvest (yes, I worked for it) would come “out-of-wedlock”. Meaning I would not get money by way of my mate. I would come to the marriage with wealth of my own. I can’t detail it, but something supernatural happened and that is all I will say. In the past,  I have shared some things with a couple of people and have learned this promise if for ME.

Then the last thing the Lord showed me was that I was harboring unforgiveness. I had been praying about why I was eating so much and gaining back the weight that I lost and I realize that the issue is deeper than food, so when I asked God about it, he told me that there was someone I had not forgiven. But early this morning at 7 am I had on Christian TV and the minister kept saying that God was going to speak and answer a question and what did the man talk about? Forgiveness!

I realize that I have been harboring something for a very long time and it’s time for me to forgive this man because he probably doesn’t even know to this day what he has done. But that’s it. I’m letting it go once and for all.

Now it’s going to take some fasting, but I am ready for this bondage to break over my life!

Matthew 6:14-15

New International Version (NIV)

14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

House of Pain

hopI’ve not been able to sleep and now my spirit is LEAPING! This is the last hard word, but first, I wish I could share what God just did.Let me tell you this one thing: GOD DOES NOT LIE!!!

Okay, on to the last hard word. In my last post I shared that I had a dream about a repeat situation with another woman going to jail. Well the dream was surrounding this sitcom called HOUSE OF PAYNE (Pain). All I can say is the police got involved and it was a mess. It’s a warning that someone needs to heed. This dream can be documented in a prior post confirming that I didn’t just make it up. Goodnight/morning. 🙂


clarityThe Michael Jackson dream has nothing to do with a literal death. If a woman was about to meet Michael it would never happen because he is not here. The dream was simply showing me the meeting would never take place. That is ALL the dream means. God has NOT showed me a death in this situation. Someone once said that to me about this situation but I did not receive it. The Holy spirit did not share that with me. I am NOT seeing death at all. Sadly, people often misinterpret dreams. But I am clear and am NOT prophesying any ones death.


His Servant a True Prophet



Several years back I remember being attacked on this same message board that I’ve been talking about. At that time there was another couple of star-crossed lovers and they would attack me as though I was the enemy. But I knew what I had seen and heard from God.

I was called a witch and judgment was pronounced upon me by both the male and female parties and guess what happened to the woman? She landed in jail! I remained free and continued to share and see all that God had showed me. Strangely enough I had a dream that something similar happened in this current case. Same man, different woman. That’s why I am not moved by what I see or hear.

I’ve been through this before and came out of it not even smelling like smoke. Oh they still tried to blame me, but I didn’t have anything to do with the woman going to jail. I believe that same thing can happen again. The circumstances may not be exactly the same but I believe it can happen again. I saw it in a dream.

Packing My Bags

boxes bagsSomething happened this evening to let me know that my time here (where I am living) is up! I won’t go into the details, but as soon as I hit my bedroom door I started packing. Some of you know that last year this time, I lost my home. I stayed with my sister for the summer and landed here helping  an elderly lady since September of last year. So as I started packing I felt joy in my spirit. I can’t tell you where I am going, but I just know that I am. I’m not crazy..it’s just this prophetic walk.