Love Series: What Am I Really Looking At?

truthA fellow blogger just said something that prompted me to write this blog. Since she mentioned self-deception, I thought I would examine what I believe I am really looking at. I’ve come a long way (to underdstand this post fully, you need to read the previous 3-4 blog posts).

In the natural, I am looking at words on a message board that I’m not sure who is saying what. From the looks of it, there are several females vying for the same man. If by chance I can figure it out (sometimes I can) the two parties who are supposedly in love never address each other by name.

This “love relationship” is being played out in a very PUBLIC way on a message board. When I see things like this whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I always wonder what the motive is behind a so-called “relationship” being played out for everyone to see. To me, it seems quite odd. Almost like it’s for the benefit of the observers. After all, if there is so much love between the two, wouldn’t they want to conduct it privately? It’s all very odd to me.

When my heart was more involved in this whole thing, I used to talk to two friends about it (it’s been years now) and they both would laugh and think it was all utterly ridiculous. They just couldn’t take an online public relationship seriously and they used to yell at me for putting any stock in it. I finally get it and agree. That along with seeing this happen before and the length of time it’s dragged out makes me unconcerned.

To my knowledge this online relationship has not been taken offline. I know that there is always that possibility that it could go offline, but I trust what God showed me. I had a dream when these two people were about to meet, the man turned into Michael Jackson. Kind of self-explanatory. You can’t meet a person who is dead (Nobody is dying).

I also know that when you are really in love with someone, you abstain from any type of relationship (sexual or otherwise) with anyone else and I don’t believe that is the case.

I have been watching the drama of Tina Campbell, of gospel group Mary Mary and her cheating husband and how he is now trying to mend his relationship with his wife after having multiple affairs with countless women. Yet he swears he loves his wife! That has got to be a man thing. Men separate their heart and their body and they swear they can sleep with other women and still be in love with someone else. Well, if that is their definition of love, you can keep it.

If you just “stumbled” with someone recently, I question the love you claim to have for your woman. You may have feelings of affection for her, but if it hasn’t kept you from getting sexual with someone else, it’s not really love. When you really love a woman you will abstain, not pick the woman who you believe will forgive your indiscretions.

Finally, it’s so easy to claim love when you have never been in someones presence and you don’t really know them. That is called infatuation. And don’t let the man or woman have a little notoriety and money; then everyone is in love! lol It’s the one who is ignoring you who you should pay attention to! lol

Online stuff is very interesting. I was watching a real life situation play out the other day. This girl claimed she had fallen in love with this guy, and he with her. She and her Dad traveled around the world to meet him and you could see her whole demeanor change. In my opinion it was the physical that changed everything. She was less attracted to him after she met him. There are so many variables when you meet online.

From my perspective THAT is what I’m looking at. Some words of love, stumbling with others (fornication) and someone who is star-struck and doesn’t have a clue who they are dealing with. I know that sounds cruel, but it’s not. It’s just the truth. I just don’t believe it’s real anymore.


Love Series: When Rejected


Last mini post for the morning.

The hardest part of all of this is God told me he spoke to the “future mate”. Then he (the man) indicated the same thing and promised to share what happened, but of course he didn’t. Now he may have forgotten, but I didn’t. It’s hard for me to understand a person choosing to reject what God said. But oh well. Someone once shared an article with me that said “when you submit to God you lose your choice.” I guess that only applies to me. 😉

I am in good company though. Jesus was rejected!

Isaiah 53:3

New International Version (NIV)

He was despised and rejected by mankind,
    a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.
Like one from whom people hide their faces
    he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

Love Series: How Will This Be?

question markI have been accused of sabotage because of this blog. But the truth is, I am powerless to make anything happen.

But many years ago, God did tell me that I would watch my future mate go through MANY wrong relationships and that God would use me to speak to them. Funny thing is when God told me this, I didn’t have a blog. So how is God going to intervene? Well, I don’t know how, but since it happened several times before, why would I doubt Him now?

Truth is I am not concerned. I know in God, that situation is already DEAD. I am more concerned about my own healing because I have lost all desire for this. Really Lord? How will this be??

Luke 1:34

New International Version (NIV)

34 “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”

Love Series: A Seer Dealing With Ego

Kick-Rocks-Sign-psd45063I know what God said. No doubt. Everything God showed me has happened.

God already told me through a friends prophetic dreams that as my future mate was coming toward me, he would get tangled up with my friend. Its happening. God already showed me their relationship would die before it got started. I have no doubt that is going to happen.

But because this has to do with matters of the heart and being rejected, I am having a problem. So when that other thing DOESN’T work out (God said it, not me) am I to be waiting with open arms?

Lord help, cause in the natural I am done and have been for some time. My ego says “heck no, kick rocks!” Pray for me. Some times its hard to be a seer. Oh, this prophetic walk!!!