Unequally Yoked and Totally Confused

I was reading something someone sent me and honestly, I was surprised that the person is still using the same means to communicate. I’ve moved on. I am too old for foolishness!

The only reason I read what was sent (I can’t really call it a message because it really is not directed to me; no name, no acknowledgement etc.) was because the Lord prompted my heart to check. Honestly, I was shocked.

I just told someone that I am not conducting anymore relationships online. I have no interest in internet friendships anymore. I am not going down that road anymore. Communication is the key and talking works best for me.

Right now I am loving God and my relationship with Him. I know He directs my life and I have no interest in hooking up with anybody who doesn’t understand that. People who don’t understand that you are being led by God are not the kind of people you should hang out with (you prophetic people).

Here’s how I know I am led by God. For a while someone was trying to persuade me to move to another state. It took a lot of fasting and praying to realize that was absolutely NOT what God was saying. If I was chasing them and trying to ram my way into something, I would have moved a long time ago. But I didn’t do that. I totally understand what it means to feel like I am second best and guess what? I’m cool with it! And that is because I am GOD’S best!

I am rambling, but I am so tired of being misunderstood ESPECIALLY when God has already spoken. I have not blogged that much or done much of anything and I am STILL being accused of trying to make things happen. But guess what? I’m not. All I do is listen to God and obey and that is what I will continue to do and I’m not hanging with any unequally yoked confused people who don’t get it.

Sometimes people don’t know just how uninterested you really are. lol




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