Lessons From a Needy Cat

CAM00045As my regular readers know, I’ve shared that I am living with two cats. Well the younger cat seems to have fallen in love with me. lol I can’t move without that cat following me. He is only a year old and my nickname for him is “baby cat”.  I even made up a song for him. But his name is Buddy. He is really very spoiled and if you give him attention he just wants more.

I’m not an animal lover. I realize that. As much as I love this funny little quirky cat, I know I could move away and not think twice about him, other than having nice memories of when I lived with Buddy the cat. I am still allergic, but I seem to have developed a bit of an immunity as long as I wash my hands after petting him. I’ve thought about taking him when I move, but then I think again and I know I won’t. Sorry to all the animal lovers, but it’s the truth.The one thing I have learned about myself is that I’m not an animal lover.

This little cat is so needy at times. This morning I woke up and was making my smoothie for breakfast and he came in the kitchen and rubbed up against me as he usually does. It’s the cutest thing. And then after he rubs up against me he will do it again. But this morning he laid his head on my slipper and just recently he has started licking my feet. Tell me this cat isn’t nuts about me?? lol He doesn’t even do that to his owner.

I think there is a lesson to be learned from this cat. Sometimes we will have needy people in our lives and we have to give them the love and attention they need, even if we don’t feel like it at times. But unlike humans, Buddy doesn’t go looking for love in other places.  He keeps coming to me every day without fail. 😉 And that makes ALL the difference in the world.

John 15:12

New International Version (NIV)

12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

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