Thankful for the Lord’s Correction

The Daniel Fast

Wrong WayYesterday I was feeling anxious and a little undone. My heart was unsettled. So after a while (I admit, I allowed this to all stir inside of me longer than I will next time), I quieted myself and called out to the Lord. “What’s going on inside of me, Father?”

Within seconds I received His answer. It came to me through a “notion” in my spirit. He showed me that I had wandered off the path of His way of living in faith. I was operating from an attitude that wasn’t consistent with His ways. I was being led by my flesh rather than by His Spirit.

I knew exactly what He was saying to me! It was like I was wearing an unbecoming robe of pride . . . rather than the lovely robe of righteousness that was from Him. Within seconds I was able to get things in…

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