Preachers of L.A.

preachers-of-LAYes, there is a reality show about men in ministry and even before the show aired there was controversy in the Body of Christ about the show. And it hasn’t died down since the show aired. But at least people can give an informed opinion because they have watched the show.

I was very interested because one of my favorite preachers is in the show and because I kind of enjoy reality TV (pray for me) I had a feeling that I would enjoy the show and I did.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes with your Pastor? Well this show gives a small window into what goes on in the life of a minister. Whether this should be filmed or not, is a matter of opinion. I think the biggest problem (with the church) is the fact that these men are Pastors, but again I found it to be quite interesting.

The series started with popular gospel artist Detrick Haddon, who sang in ministry with his wife of 10 years for many years, but finds himself embroiled in controversy because he got a woman pregnant out of wedlock, while going through a divorce. Detrick had to step down from leading his church because of the divorce.

Detrick is one of the more controversial cast members and my only issue with Detrick is he kept trying to deflect attention off of how he was living by attacking how the church dealt with his sin. Yes, he acknowledged it, but he and his now wife still spent most of their time justifying their “blurred line Christianity”.

Here is he truth. Detrick got divorced and before it was final he got involved in adultery. Let’s just call a spade a spade. It is what it is. he broke God’s law (we all have) and I’m sure repented. So own it and make it right. I had a hard time with how he and his wife tried to justify their sin by saying “God put us together”.

Next was Bishop Noel Jones, who is a 63 year old single Pastor who has been divorced for 20 years. He and his long-time friend of 16 years have a very complicated relationship which was undefined. What is not covered in the show is his dating life, and some other issues, which I won’t mention.  But his friend, Loretta, has stuck it out through it all and you can see there is some what of a connection.

Bishop Jones said that he wanted people to see the human side of men in ministry and that is exactly what you see. He clearly has issues of abandonment and it had kept him from making a commitment for years. I found it all quite insightful.

There are a few other pastors, which I won’t mention in the post, but I decided to blog about this because I watched much of the marathon that was on today.

So what is the point? I guess the point is the world is changing and even preachers are getting reality shows. 😉

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