Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Many are starting the year off fasting and praying. Here is the blog post I mentioned in my post about “doing the work”. If you have not joined in to the fast, it’s not too late.

The Daniel Fast

Tip of the IcebergWhen you’ve been on the Daniel Fast for a while you stop being so focused on food (hopefully). You start noticing things “coming up” about your life, attitudes, beliefs, etc. You might notice frustration about some issues in your life. Or anger. Or loneliness and disappointment. What ever it is for you, take notice . . . and then realize this: what you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our inner life is deep, even if we are not used to exploring it! So when things “come up” it’s important that we explore what is underneath the surface of our daily actions, beliefs, feelings and thoughts.

Don’t try to ignore or plow through the tip that is being shown to you. We know from the story of the Titanic how that strategy works out! But instead, be of good courage and dive into the water of your soul…

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