Hollywood: The Real Wolf

The people say the rating should have been NC-17

The people say the rating should have been NC-17

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time and was trying to come up with a good title to get your attention and I think I got it. So when I saw the nominations this morning for the 86th annual Academy awards, I thought this would be a great time to post this.

Last year, for some reason, I probably saw more R-rated movies than I have seen in probably the last 20 years (pray for me). I saw Fruitvale Station (which was excellent). It was based on the true story of a young African-American man who was unjustly shot and killed. The movie was chilling and left me in tears. Then I think I rented Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, also based on true stories. Then against my better judgment, I went to see The Heat, which could have easily been reduced to PG 13 just by eliminating the 50 plus times the F word was used. But in all of the cases I saw something R-rated, I knew what to expect because I checked to see what was in the movie ahead of time. This year, I’ll probably go back to my PG only rule and here is why:

This morning when I saw the Wolf of Wall Street was nominated for an Academy award for Best Picture, it hit home how much you cannot trust Hollywood and how they are the real “wolf”.

I really like Leonardo DiCaprio and when I saw the trailer for this particular movie, for a very brief fleeting moment, I thought I might go see this movie, but one scene in the trailer was definitely a yellow light for me. I don’t do the sex and nudity thing, PERIOD. So I did what I usually do and read what was in the movie and honestly, I couldn’t with all good conscience repeat anything about this movie. Let’s just say, don’t believe the lie of Hollywood and destroy your mind with this trash. And it’s three hours of trash! The movie is three hours long!

I read the reviews of the people and I have never read so many reviews where the people said they had to get up and leave the movies. I mean people were leaving in droves because of the constant salacious drug and sex scenes in this movie. The general consensus, was that this movie was not rated correctly and should have received an NC-17 rating (which is X rated).

Sadly, as I read the responses of the people, I realized that the people were being bamboozled. This movie was released on Christmas Day and people were horrified as they took their parents and teenage children to what they thought would be a routine  R-rated movie only to discover it was pornography.

So what’s my point? My point is you can’t trust Hollywood. ALWAYS do your own research before seeing any movie and remember that Hollywood is NOT our friend. I really believe there is an agenda in the entertainment industry and as Christians  we must maintain our own values and stick to them. No compromise.

We also need more Christian film makers who will not compromise after they become successful. One of the best movies I saw last year (as far as a Godly message) was “I’m in love with a Church Girl”. I remember feeling like I was in church when I saw that movie. I say, if you are supposed to be a Christian and are in the industry, why be like the world? Get God’s agenda for why you are in the industry. Why make more of what is already out there? Do something different!

I wanted to post a link to the news stories about how this movie has been banned in many foreign markets, but most of the articles describe what is in the movie, so I will pass. But the truth of the matter is I guess ratings don’t mean much today because as soon as this movie goes to DVD, many kids will get their hands on it and then of course many have been exposed to filth online already, so what is the point? The point is there are still many moral people who do not want to be fooled into seeing trash (porn) in the name art or entertainment.

Here are a few reviews about the Wolf of Wall Street, from Fandango. See for yourself:

Wolf on Wall Street

After one hour of this incredibly disappointing film, my party of three left. There were many reasons for leaving the least of which was the intense drug use, explicit sexual encounters and the endless gut wrenching language. Language that was disrespectful of woman and humanity at large. The scenes were graphic and would qualify as hardcore porn. The gifted actors were lost in the intensity and the shock. The most interesting reflection is that this film was released on Christmas day. Now I do not consider myself a self-righteous zealot or a person that has not enjoyed a depiction of a sexual encounter based on human connection in a respectful visual, but people this is way over the top and the reviews need to say so in graphic detail. At least provide the consumer with enough information in order to make a choice based on truth. NOT “wildly entertaining, Nudity and Language kinda of information just does not reveal what is in store. Thank you for the opportunity to express my self.

Should have been a rated x movie

This movie was basically a porn with a semi-decent story line. The pornographic scenes added nothing to the actual plot line. I would not recommend this movie at all. Leonardo Dicaprio’s worst movie.


Acting was good. Hated the film. An unnecessary assault of pornography, drugs, and non-stop cursing for over three hours. Not for kids of any age, or for adults for that matter–unless you think the world is really like that rather than a small subset of very troubled people. I wish I had read the reviews before going, or at least hadn’t chosen a middle seat as I would have left in the first ten minutes. I found it fascinating that the audience seemed to have no discomfort with full female nudity, a constant barrage of lewd sexual scenes and perversions, graphic drug use, glorification of same, and constant filthy cursing–yet gasped in horror when one character swallowed a live goldfish. Seriously??

The moral is that if you have enough money you can do anything with just a slap on the hand, and then remake yourself as a motivational speaker. Gross, just gross. Okay, I will grant it was a good character study, but was it really necessary? Hardly.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Do not waste your money. It is too long, if you like porn you will like this movie. I did not and I don’t recommend it.

The Wolf OfWall Street

I lucked out, got to theater a little early for my movie, so went in at the beginning of the show, it only took the first minute for me to see it was not my cup of tea. This is a porn movie, Please dont take your kids to this movie, and be prepared for the f word , nudity, drugs, and more. Leonardo can do much better, he is a very talented actor.

The Wolf on Wall Street

I thought it was disgusting and trashy. The story could have been told without so much filthy and trashy talk and showing the actual act of intercourse. People got up and left the movie. I love the main actor, but disappointed that he would choose to do this kind of acting.

wolf of Wall street

Too much sex….. Unnecessary– which makes it difficult to watch.. Last stages were too much of a drag..
Story was good but this much sex is unnecessary– and so unrealistic.

Will not recommend- except for Lio Nardo Di caprios acting.. which is very good

Nothing redeeming about this picture or its message

This over the top movie with its excessive profanity, abundant male and female full frontal nudity, rampant and continuous drug use and valueless message make this a must miss film. Scorsese shocks again with a shockingly bad tale badly told.

Totally Trashy

We gave the movie one hour and then walked out and asked for our money back. To describe it, it was basically all swearing, drugs and sex bordering on pornography.

Only an R?

I walked out of this movie after almost 3 hours, and I never walk out of a movie. The entire movie was profanity and soft porn, I was embarrassed and offended at the content. Do the people in Hollywood think we are too stupid to pay to watch an intelligent movie? I get that it’s a true story, but it was offensive over and over and over again. The manager of the theater said they cut a few scenes to make it “R” and that he had to screen it for work. He gladly gave our money back. Many people got up and walked out of the showing we were in tonight. I love Leo and I was actually interested in seeing this film. I regret that I wasted my time watching it, and I definitely regret wasting the end of my Christmas Day filling my mind with this trash. Not good at all. BEWARE.

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