I KNOW He is the One

Part 4

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Part IV

This is the stage where you know that there is no way around what God has for you. You try to kick him to the curb, he comes back. You try to kick her to the curb, she comes back. You two are like magnets and God will not allow you to separate, so you decide to consciously take steps towards a healthier relationship. When you reach this stage in the relationship, where you are pliable, hearers and doers of the Word, obedient and you ultimately want what God has for you, you don’t mind the sacrifice.

When we realized and embraced what God had in store, the relationship blossomed. I was committed to the plan of God and became grateful that the gift He gave me was priceless. It’s like a parent making their kids eat vegetables. The kid almost resents them for doing it, but the…

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