He is the One

I was paging through Facebook and saw that one of my fellow bloggers was engaged. Never could I have imagined what her journey to the altar was like. Such a beautiful young woman should have no problems right? This testimony helped me to hold on to my dream. Thanks for sharing Lakia!

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When Your Relationship is Anointed series

Part I

I received some messages on how I knew my fiancé (pretty weird saying that) was the one. Well, I’m going to be frank and no holds bar in these posts. I usually am, but I feel it extra imperative to be right now. Mainly, because it’s not a picture perfect romantic story that will have you oohing and aweing! It actually gives hope and will cause you to evaluate the relationship you’re presently in, thinking about or think about the relationship you kicked to the curb because of the “issues.” My journey to this day (engagement) was a hard fight and even now the fight is not over, but I’d love to share with you wisdom and what I learned when the Lord says your relationship is anointed. The way the Lord showed me to do this, it’s going to have to…

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