Best Is Yet to Come

Part 5

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Part V

I leave you with these thoughts…

  1. The world gives you a vision of what a man should look like, how much money they should have, etc., Even the church will have a definition of a “Godly” relationship and man, but how does God define a man? I’d start there as my blueprint because when He defines it, it looks nothing remotely like society’s standards.
  2. People will prophesy, have expectations, share with you their experiences, start “shaking and quaking” (I love this quote lol) etc., but hear God for YOURSELF for your man or woman.
  3. It is easy to get caught up in the church politics—he has to be the one because he’s the Pastor’s son or daughter, or (s)he is the perfect one for you because you look good together—but if God hasn’t ordained it, step back.
  4. Don’t second-guess what God has told you. YES, He did tell…

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I KNOW He is the One

Part 4

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Part IV

This is the stage where you know that there is no way around what God has for you. You try to kick him to the curb, he comes back. You try to kick her to the curb, she comes back. You two are like magnets and God will not allow you to separate, so you decide to consciously take steps towards a healthier relationship. When you reach this stage in the relationship, where you are pliable, hearers and doers of the Word, obedient and you ultimately want what God has for you, you don’t mind the sacrifice.

When we realized and embraced what God had in store, the relationship blossomed. I was committed to the plan of God and became grateful that the gift He gave me was priceless. It’s like a parent making their kids eat vegetables. The kid almost resents them for doing it, but the…

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I THINK He is the One

Part 3

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Part III

The enemy is so slick. When you’re busy fighting, taking breaks, and second-guessing if God said he was the one, the enemy will send you a counterfeit. I have a Vlog I did earlier this year entitled Counterfeit, check it out by clicking HERE when you’re finished reading. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

A counterfeit is something that imitates; fake replicas of the real product; and often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product.

When CR and I were off fighting and being crazy, the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life pounced. What I used to desire, and everything CR was not in the present, started to pop up all around me. He couldn’t spoil me like I wanted; a man with money would show up. CR didn’t really like traveling…

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He is NOT the One

Part 2

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Part II

When you know the person is the one, and you’re both not ready, it means a lot of hard work is around the corner. I mean, in general, relationships are extremely hard work, but when your relationship is anointed, covenanted by the Lord, you will be sharpened and experience some major adversities. There is a specific reason He allowed you two to meet the time He did. Remember, we both were still overcoming some personal obstacles in our own lives.

We broke up over 1,000,000 times. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it was horrendous. We loved each other, HATED each other and everything in between. The fairy tale or honeymoon everyone experiences in the beginning stages of a relationship absolutely did not happen to us when we started dating. Really, we liked each other way more when we weren’t dating, but fought a lot when we started dating…

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He is the One

I was paging through Facebook and saw that one of my fellow bloggers was engaged. Never could I have imagined what her journey to the altar was like. Such a beautiful young woman should have no problems right? This testimony helped me to hold on to my dream. Thanks for sharing Lakia!

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When Your Relationship is Anointed series

Part I

I received some messages on how I knew my fiancé (pretty weird saying that) was the one. Well, I’m going to be frank and no holds bar in these posts. I usually am, but I feel it extra imperative to be right now. Mainly, because it’s not a picture perfect romantic story that will have you oohing and aweing! It actually gives hope and will cause you to evaluate the relationship you’re presently in, thinking about or think about the relationship you kicked to the curb because of the “issues.” My journey to this day (engagement) was a hard fight and even now the fight is not over, but I’d love to share with you wisdom and what I learned when the Lord says your relationship is anointed. The way the Lord showed me to do this, it’s going to have to…

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