Love Series: The Plight of the Rich and Famous Man

golddigerYesterday, I was watching this talk show, listening to this wealthy man talk about relationships and I was reading between the lines. He mentioned a pre-nup and it was clear to me that he was understanding his plight. I would say that few women could see him beyond his money and that is the truth.

I’m sure he would like to believe that some have come along and love based on who he is alone, but the reality is that unless she has her own wealth, it would be hard to tell.

I can see why wealthy people marry other wealthy people. And that is why pre-nups were created. To protect ones wealth. But the truth is even two wealthy people have them. I was just reading that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom (who are divorcing) have a prenup and they both have money.

I felt for this man who I was watching. And with GOOD REASON, because he is right to realize it’s has a lot to do with money!

I know God showed me in a dream that BEFORE I met my mate, I would have money. In the dream I was pregnant with wealth and it was a hard “birth”. It was one of the most unusual dreams I’ve ever had because I woke up and fell asleep and continued dream. This rarely happens to me. And then to confirm the dream, that same day someone wired me $1000 dollars! Talk about a confirmation!

So do I believe in prenups? No I don’t. I don’t think it’s biblical. But then I am not wealthy yet. lol  I’ll tell you what I think after my dream manifests. lol

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