Staying On the Wall

stopsignYou who know how to pray, keep me in your prayers! I keep wanting to not be God’s watchman. But, I have answered the call. even though I have felt like my ministry was in vain, but I have to obey God. Whether people heed or not, they can’t say they have not been warned. I also have to continue to walk in the prophetic. I would never forgive myself if someone got hurt because I was disobedient.

The importance of the prophetic is to: to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” (Jeremiah 1:10b). I’m sorry for all of you saint’s that only want exhortation. That is just not Bible! Sometimes the Word of the Lord comes to tear down and destroy as well as build and plant. In a word, sometimes God wants to stop stuff from happening.

Yesterday morning, I had this dream about a woman being asked to take a trip to NY and at first, I did not understand the dream. But now I do. In this dream God was clearly showing me this trip should not be. However as with anything, we have a choice. I am just sharing the dream. I didn’t want to share the dream because I know how it would be perceived. But it’s better to obey than disobey.

I was really trying my best not to get on this blog until after Christmas, BUT GOD.  Here is the problem with disobedience to the REVEALED will of God. It will get you in trouble EVERY TIME. 😉

We cannot expect God to aid and assist us in what is his PERMISSIVE WILL. Once God has revealed his perfect will and you go left, you are on your own.

I’m going to continue to post as God leads. I am his seer.

The Ministry of a Seer