Love Series: Love or Lust?

A while back God gave me a dream that I didn’t understand until recently. This morning I was reading instagram and I saw the following, I almost jumped up and shouted. This is SO powerful!

My dream was about a man who was saying he was in love but he was really driven by lust. LISTEN UP LADIES! Sometimes when a man says he needs you, he is talking about sex. And here is how you will know it’s lust and not love. HE WILL PRESSURE YOU TO HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. Be careful!

1456643_10152062263962733_32463400_n12 hours ago

‘Which altar are you running to? When struggling with #sexual purity, far too many #singles run to the altar to #marry than running to the altar to God in#prayer. They attempt to escape their sexual struggles by running into marriage & either #marry prematurely or marry the wrong person, instead of running into the arms of God for strength. You’re running for the wrong arms! You must allow God to heal you & deliver you from your sexual struggles while you are single or you’re just going to take them into #marriage. Many fornicators are rehearsing #adultery. That’s why You must get healed while you’re single.’ Wow quotes from the#book Single, Saved & Having Sex 30 Day Guide To#Celibacy by @TyAdamsTV own it today at http://www.iTy.TV/Shop/SSHSFollowing


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