Balaam the Prophet: God’s Perfect vs. Permissive Will

The Faithful Sayings

Theme: Nu. 22-24

The story of Balaam is very misunderstood by most. Because he was not a Prophet of Israel, many think he was a soothsayer used by God. The assumption that he used divination, of course, is ridiculous because we know that God does not nor will ever condone divination (De. 18:10; Rev. 22:15). Balaam was, in fact, a true Prophet of God that accurately heard God’s voice even though he did not belong to a tribe of Israel (Nu. 22:9).  However, Balaam did not die as a true Prophet of God (Jos. 13:22). Later in his life, he did turn to divination to cause Israel to sin by tempting their men to lay with pagan women (Nu. 31:16-18). The New Testament mentions Balaam’s error as a result of his greed for reward (Jude 1:11; 2Pe.2:15). Though he did fall into sin, his former days of righteousness paints a…

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