How Did I Get Here?

fastandprayHow could something that started out in the mind of God suddenly become despised? I’m not talking about me. I just wonder how HIS perfect will, could get to this point.

I am definitely at a turning point. I saw something on Facebook that shook me to the point where I had to get up (see below). I know in order for God’s purpose to come to pass, it’s going to take great discipline and sacrifice.

Yet, others live sloppy lives and it seems they get what they want. But others of us struggle and contend for what HE SAID, and we are tossed by the wayside.  But I have lived this before and I know better. This is the perfect time for this soul-tie to break. The truth is, despite what it looks like, it’s already broken.

If it means I can’t eat for the HOLIDAYS, so be it. I’ll not miscarry this time. I will not watch someone else enjoy what God says belongs to me!

The pain of discipline weighs much less than the heavy load of regret!!

Let the discipline begin!

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