A Proven Gift

giftThis is for those who are of the prophetic order. Don’t be concerned when you are labeled as one who is off. If you have a track record of truth stand on that. You know your own gifting, so don’t be concerned about those who don’t believe your gifting. A prophetic gift must be proven, so don’t worry when people are ignorant.

Seers are often ostracized because what they see may take YEARS to come to pass. So once you share a word of exaltation or warning,, when it doesn’t happen right away, or the circumstance looks contrary, you may have to deal with being labeled wrong.

Today the Lord had me remembering the many visions and dreams and prophetic insight that he showed me ahead of time that have manifested. My dreams are something that I can rely on more than anything else. When I dream, it happens, period case closed. So recently, when I was concerned about a particular matter, God reminded me of a dream I had. I had the dream a few years ago, but it’s not until now, that I understand why I had the dream. God knew a great challenge was coming, but guess what? I believe God.

The other day someone insinuated that I needed to admit I was wrong. I just smiled because honestly, it doesn’t really bother me because I have too many years of accurate ‘seeing”.

I remember being warned about the death of my own mother. It was difficult to accept and I really couldn’t until it happened. But I can tell you that God was preparing me in 50 different ways, about my moms death. Well she died just like it was shown to me.

Same with my Dad. Even though someone came in and convinced me that my Dad was going to be healed and for a  minute I believed the lie, at the end of the day God reminded me of what HE said. God showed me clearly in a dream that my Dad was going to heaven. My dad died September 19, 2011.

Along with the warning of my Dad’s death in the dream God showed me my own death. This was a warning and on the day I had the dream, I landed in the emergency room of a hospital with something that could have ended my life if it was not addressed.

Then there was a family member who married his mistress. After it happened God showed the death of his wife (the mistress). Although it took many years, it happened. Sadly we buried her when the marriage was at it’s happiest. It was God’s divine discipline.

Finally, there was a time when God gave me a word of warning for my Pastor at the time. He was doing a lot of travelling and running and God simply told me to tell him that he was not to do that. God wanted him to stay home, focus on the church and take a salary. You see the reason he was doing a lot of ministry preaching was for income. Well I want to tell you, he got so mad at me. He was so rude to me because he didn’t want to accept the Word. Well guess what happened? THE SAME DAY that I gave him the word, he has a series of mini-strokes and was out of the pulpit for months. Well the next time I saw him, His whole attitude toward me had changed. He had a new found respect for me in the prophetic.

At the end of the day, I know there are some things that I have shared with people and they don’t believe I have heard from God, but one day soon, they will have to acknowledge that I am indeed God’s servant. I love it when that happens. LOL

I am sharing just a few stories of the things that God has revealed to me. Remember this, God said it, that settles it and if you know your gifting, don’t even worry when someone wants to tell you that you are off. Just know with time God is going to prove your gift and everyone will have to acknowledge who you are in God.

Proverbs 18:16

King James Version (KJV)

16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

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