Pack Your Bags!

suitcasesYesterday, I shared that the lady I am living with is planning to make room for me to stay with her for a while longer, and how I have mixed feeling. Then, the reaction that I’ve been having with the cats has gotten worse. For a while it seems as though I was improving. But suddenly, it’s like I’m back at day one.

So yesterday, after praying and wondering about what is next, my prayer partner calls me and shares a seven minute youtube, of a popular minister that we know from New York preaching about Moses and “packing your bags”.

I felt it was for me. I feel God has allowed me to be in this situation so I will not get comfortable living here. The driving is just to rebuild my confidence so that when I go, I will confidently drive. I’m sure God is about to speak and show me where to go. I believe I believe I will still be here in Florida. Once I have heard and the provision is there, I’m moving forward!

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