Shut Up and Drive!

wreck-it-ralph-review-a-movie-all-gamers-must-L-_YzQT6I’m a little embarrassed sharing this, but I’m going to do it anyway. 🙂 Even though I’ve had my driver’s license for 16 years, I’ve not done much driving. I learned how to drive later than most people do and at the time I was living in a rural town in upstate New York, working for a missions organization.

A year later when I returned to New York City, I resumed working and living like a lot of New Yorker’s do. I rode the bus and the subway to go to work and I never got a car. I seriously considered it at one time, but I just resumed living life riding public transportation.

Many New Yorker’s never buy cars and besides public transportation, they use cabs. You could live and die in the city and never drive. In fact my best friend is just like that. We are the same age and she doesn’t have her license and doesn’t drive.  It is very much a New York thing.

Before I moved to Florida, eight years ago, a prophet gave me a word about seeing me driving.  Seems odd to need a prophetic word about driving doesn’t it? Well I used to wonder if I would ever drive. When I received the word it had been about eight years since I got my license. Well fast forward till now and it seems this is the time. The lady that I am staying with is pushing me to drive, which I needed. I have to admit it feels like I am starting all over again. But she is adamant about me getting out there.

So last night I was talking to my prayer partner and her daughter was watching “Wreck it Ralph” and there was a scene in the movie where someone says “Shut up and drive”. Well my prayer partner repeated it to me because I was sharing how I was being pushed to drive. Well we both laughed about it. But it kind of felt prophetic.

So this morning, the lady I am staying with  was working the polls today for the election and she proceeds to admonish me to go with her and take the car and run my errands. Well, I’m still a little shy about driving so at first I said “no, that’s okay”. But she kept telling me I needed to do it and suddenly I heard “shut up and drive”. lol

God is pushing me out of my comfort zone. Sadly, I’m a late bloomer. But today I felt strongly a car is coming so it’s TIME. Yeah, I’m going to just shut up and keep driving!

John 2:5

New International Version (NIV)

5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

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