What I See For Myself

kitchen_cabinet_med_brownIf I could paint a picture of the vision I have for the next year (starting now), it would look something like this: (don’t judge me, lol) I see myself with 3 or 4 income properties (don’t worry about the how) and I see myself living in my old house in the Bronx New York. Isn’t that odd? Of course in my vision, I own the house and I am now living on the second floor, instead of the first floor (it’s a three family house).

I used to dream of owning the house and renovating it. Probably with kitchens from Ikea. Something like the picture above. My own apartment would have that cozy New York look. The second floor has 3 bedrooms, but it’s still cozy.

I see myself going to Culinary School in the Manhattan. I don’t want to go below 23rd street. Just a thing I’ve had since 911. I was watching You’ve Got Mail recently and it just made me homesick. There is nothing like New York at Christmas time.rockefeller center

If I move I am going to take much more advantage of the cultural part of the city. When I was home in 2011, I went to see two Broadway plays and went to City Island (an island of seafood restaurants) twice. Some New Yorker’s have a bad habit of living in the city, but not enjoying it.

I was talking to my friend from high school the other day and she has broken up with her finance’ and I know we would be hanging out again. My other best friend is divorced. Sometimes it’s hard to find friends to hang out with when you get to a certain age because everyone is married, but that wouldn’t be a problem.

Finally, I see myself dating in the city. Growing up, I developed a taste for Opera because my mother listened to Opera and I have been to the Lincoln Center before, but I want to go again. Whoever I am dating may not like Opera, so I may go by myself. But this is just what I see for myself, if I go back to the city.


Oh, and also, I see myself DRIVING in the city, which I rarely did.  I’ve been driving a bit down here and I think I can see myself driving in the city.

I know exactly where I would go for church as well. My brother started a new ministry in Harlem and that is where I would be. Recently, a very well-known singer has expressed interest in visiting. I would love to be there the Saturday that she attends. 😉

If I stay here in Florida, I see nothing. That says a lot doesn’t it?

Proverbs 19:21 New International Version (NIV)

21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

In His Perfect Will

14473619-road-split-left-and-right-directionsIf you want to be in complete control of your own life, you need not read any further. This post is for followers of Jesus. This post is for disciples. submitted ones, who want to live their lives for God and by His instruction.

It takes a while to yield to God. Salvation is just the first step. After that, you must become a disciple, which is a follower of Jesus. You must purpose to live your life for Him and allow Him to be the Lord of your life. This can be hard for people who want to be in control. And if you are questioning why you have to do this and you have been saved any length of  time, you’re not ready. I don’t have time to explain, why we should submit to God’s will. If Jesus submitted to the Fathers will, that is good enough for me. But it’s not easy.

Sometimes God wants us to do things that we absolutely do not want to do, especially in the area of spiritual disciplines. But if God instructs us to discipline ourselves in a certain way, He has a reason. So we may as well buckle down and do it.

Lately I have wondered about being in God’s perfect will. I believe we can walk in what God desires for us and believe it or not, this has nothing to do with success. People can be successful out of God’s will and people can also seem to not be successful and be in His perfect will.

Lately, I have had a very strong desire to move back to New York City, which is home. It feels as though the grace for living in Florida has left me. We had a particularly hot summer his year. No real spring and just to prove a point, yesterday it was in the 80’s and very humid. I just can’t seem to take it anymore. By this time in NY, it’s usually cool and fall like. It just feels the grace for being here is gone because I see no reason for it. My father died two years ago, and I always said, I would leave after he passed away.

But, I was leaving a few months ago and God spoke to me and stopped me. Yet it’s in times like these that you have to hear from God because I really desire to be in His PERFECT WILL.

I may have to stay even though I don’t want to anymore. But as long as I am where God wants, doing what He wants, I am okay. There is a song that says: the safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of God and I believe that.

What about you?  Have you been wondering if you are you really in God’s perfect will? Or is God just allowing you to do what you want to do? I suggest you think about it, pray about it and then fast about it. and it will be made abundantly clear.

Matthew 26:39

English Standard Version (ESV)

39 And going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, saying, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”