At Ninety Percent

website closedEarly this morning I was pretty sure that I was going to close this blog down. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and this blog has been so much a part of me. I’ve grown on here. I remember so well how vulnerable I felt posting my thoughts for people to read. Well I went from that, to putting too much information on here at times. This blog has become and sill is a place of venting. But mainly it’s a place of ministry.

I made the blog private overnight and I’m still very much on the fence as to whether it will remain public. Yes, I know I have been here before. But I may just close it down till 2014. By then I may be back in New York. We will see. I’ll keep you posted. I’m about at ninety percent.

2 thoughts on “At Ninety Percent

  1. As we should do with every aspect of our lives, I pray you give your cares to the Lord before making a decision. Someone may be in need of encouragement. Something you may have written long ago may very well be the season for them to receive it. We never know. God will provide regardless. I just don’t want to see you close the site down and miss a blessing or for someone else to be blessed. Nothing wrong with taking a hiatus. Perhaps you can leave the blog public and just close the comments. I don’t know…. Just thought I would reach out and share my thoughts because I’ve been in a place when I didn’t want to do something anymore. Conviction came to surface because I wanted Gods will above my own. With that said, I knew He would give me strength to carry on.

    God bless you in all your endeavors,


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