Love Series: The Sin of Adultery

ronhopecarpenterI was reading a very sad article from Charisma Online about Pastor Ron Carpenter who I have heard of, but am not that familiar with. I have seen him on TV several times, but I can’t say I “follow” his ministry.

Well, Pastor Carpenter is the Pastor of a large church and recently he had to make the sad announcement that his wife would be entering rehab for mental illness and that their marriage was breaking up after she admitted to several affairs. The story is sad because it seems they had that storybook romance that turned sour (you never know what the future holds). It was his reaction that really got my attention because he seemed devastated.

What was also interesting was the fact that he specifically asked the church NOT to pray for reconciliation and really for the first time I understood. There are lines that are crossed that you can’t recover from and when that happens there is nothing to do but let go and let God.

Often when people develop soul-ties with others, even if God delivered them tomorrow, you still wouldn’t want them back and that is real. In Pastor Carpenters case, he was married for a very long time and they have children, but I guess he is just done. I believe God is able, but I will honor his wishes and not pray for restoration. Adultery is the one out for marriage. He does have biblical grounds for divorce. And even though God hates divorce, God also knows when people have had enough.

Of course there are always two sides to every story, but I have shared what has been reported, thus far. Here is the link for to the article.

Pastor Ron Carpenter Confesses the Horror of his Marriage

At Ninety Percent

website closedEarly this morning I was pretty sure that I was going to close this blog down. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and this blog has been so much a part of me. I’ve grown on here. I remember so well how vulnerable I felt posting my thoughts for people to read. Well I went from that, to putting too much information on here at times. This blog has become and sill is a place of venting. But mainly it’s a place of ministry.

I made the blog private overnight and I’m still very much on the fence as to whether it will remain public. Yes, I know I have been here before. But I may just close it down till 2014. By then I may be back in New York. We will see. I’ll keep you posted. I’m about at ninety percent.

Love Series: Dear God My Husband is Cheating on Me

NocheatingDear God,

My husband is cheating on me. You said he was my husband and not only did you tell me, but you told him also. I pray that beginning now, you would hold him accountable to the Words that you have spoken.

I pray that whatever is missing and whatever is broken in him will be repaired. I pray that he would understand that you alone know what is best and a mistress is not your best no matter what it looks like. I pray that he would really come to know you and that he would learn to walk in obedience. I pray that starting now, you would teach him the lesson of all lessons about fidelity and sticking to what you have said concerning marriage.

Now break the soul-tie, the lust-tie between him and his mistress in the name of Jesus. I call for the Damascus Road conversion to come forth now. As Pastor Hines wife prayed that her husband would not commit adultery, while he was on his way to do so, I pray that you would stop my husband if that is his intent in Jesus’ name. Pastor Hines was literally struck by lightning and he was never the same.

I say whatever it takes, do it now, in the name of Jesus. Break the spirit of rebellion of his life in the name of Jesus. Thank you that this divine discipline begins NOW.

I pray that he will stop lying to his mistress and misleading her and letting her think they will be together when he knows that’s not so. He is wasting her time. I pray this thing in the mighty name of Jesus.

I will not revisit this anymore Lord. It’s in your hands. I am going on with my life. If you choose to bring reconciliation I am open to it, but I am going on with my life in Jesus name amen!  This door is shut and only you can reopen it. I’m DONE.

A Single Womans prayer concerning her future husband.

Matthew 5:27-28

New International Version (NIV)


27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’[a] 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.