Love Series: What You Didn’t See

whatpartofnoYesterday I went to visit a church and God spoke so clear and I need to pass it on. At the end of the message the Pastor was warning people to NOT take their love lives into their own hands. He admonished us to listen to God because there is a consequence for taking things into your own hands.

As I listened I thought about a situation in my own family where a man was willful and he married the woman of his choice (his mistress) and little did he know that a tumultuous marriage was ahead. Little did he know she would have a nervous breakdown and sadly little did he know, she would suffer an early death!

It’s funny how we are. We won’t listen to God and then we assume what we want is not only going to work, but we think it will survive. So boy meets, girl and he decides that is who he wants. Then God speaks to boy and says no that is not my choice, but boy decides he is not going to listen to God.

So boy marries girl and she is frigid because that was the problem in her former marriage.  Or he marries her and even though he thought she could have children, she hid the fact that she can no longer have children. Or she has mental illness in her bloodline and she ends up in a mental hospital. Those are the things you don’t see when you decide to take matters in your own hands.

You fantasize about a wonderful honeymoon full of love and it turns out to be your worse nightmare. Don’t believe it can happen? I remember this young man marrying this woman and his family KNEW it was a mistake and deep down the closer he got to the wedding day, he did too. But he proceeded with it just to save face. His family stayed up and prayed all night before the wedding but he exercised his free-will and married her anyway. Well it lasted just short of 3-years. Later, the family found out that the honeymoon was disastrous. But the young man disobeyed God. God had said no, but he just didn’t listen.

In your fantasy, of your happily ever after, what you didn’t see was the consequences of your actions. You don’t see what will happen if you marry your mistress. You don’t see what will happen if you marry that unsaved man or woman. You don’t see that the person who you thought could handle your issues, really can’t. Listen to God. If he says no, let it go. Disobedience never turns out good.

1 Samuel 15:22-23

New Life Version (NLV)

22 Samuel said, “Is the Lord pleased as much with burnt gifts as He is when He is obeyed? See, it is better to obey than to give gifts. It is better to listen than to give the fat of rams. 23 To go against what you are told is like the sin of witchcraft. Not to obey is like the sin of worshiping false gods. You have turned away from the Word of the Lord. So He has turned away from you being king.”