The Battle for a Great Man

A Timely Word…She is your right now girl!

A Prophetic Walk

king and queenThere have always been battles to see who will stand beside great men. People are always wondering,who the woman is who will grab his heart, or who the woman is, who is chosen.

I remember so well one New Years Eve visiting a church and that night it seemed to have been a battle for me to get there. But after getting there I understood why. The Pastor prophesied to me and told me “people are wondering who the great woman is, who is going to stand beside that great man. God said YOU are that woman! But there is a great price to pay and it is called rejection and persecution.(that last sentence are my words)

The problem with great men is that they are flawed. And so they choose their mate in their flawed state not realizing what seems good for them now will not be good for…

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