An Amazing Journey!

life_is_a_journey_not_a_destination_card-p137412447180199276z85p0_400As I look back over the last several years and have come to this time and season all I can do is say to God be the Glory, HE DID IT! I was reading this message board a little while ago and I saw what appeared to be a prophetic word and all I can say is my spirit began to leap!!

I remember years ago receiving a prophetic Word where the prophetess shouted to the top of her lungs “By September”!! Prior to what she said, she prayed concerning my mate and my womb!! Imagine that? The most difficult battles I have had have been in these two areas.

Well, as it all comes to the end, I am going to rest in God like I have never rested before. I remember in my friends dream, she saw me resting about a certain situation and at the time she had the dream I was not doing that at all. But I have to say something turned this week and I have entered into the rest of God. Whatever God has said to do, I am and will do it!

Someone needs to be encouraged today. Perhaps this Word is for you!

9th Month The Birthing Month

Within 3 Days including TODAY! I saw this and discerned crystal clearly. By the 30th of this month, for some, TOMORROW! They will be shackled and bound carried away by the authorities of this land to render unto Caesar What Is Caesar. For other on TOMORROW! They will be set free to move into their Destiny and Purpose in Christ no longer bound by evil, wicked and darkness. A Stranger/Angel told me several weeks ago; “It Will Not Go Past September. By September It Will End”. My reply; “Speak Holy Ghost Speak”. Quick! Quick! Quick! There are several Quick Changes occurring simultaneously all around the world, RIGHT NOW. Especially for God’s Remnant that have has souled out to their purpose in the Kingdom and have been waiting patiently upon the Lord living a lifestyle of obedience no matter the opposition to turn, crush the Will, Plan and Move Of God For Your Live. ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST. God said; “Evil Don’t Know The Way”. Some still haven’t learned even at this juncture, pivotal turn, IT JUST WON’T WORK! VaShawn Mitchell

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