Hearing For Yourself

hearingThe ability to hear from God, is very much learned through trial and error. And even for those of us who have a pretty good ability to hear from God, we still have to be careful. I feel sorry for those who allow themselves to be directed by others. It may work for a while, but you’d better learn to hear God’s voice for yourself.

Here is a good starting place: if you want to hear clearly from God, FAST AND PRAY. You see fasting brings the flesh under and allows us to hear what God is saying. If you lead a fleshly life, you will ALWAYS be deceived and led astray! And yes people are being deceived daily.

Do you know God can show you things but it’s not meant for you possess it? Let me give you an example. When I lived in NY I worked temp for many years. I remember wanting something permanent and at the time I was working at a daycare center. There was a position open and I prayed and prayed for it, and God said “you’ll work there, but you won’t get hired”. HUH? Yes, that is what I said. Well I did work there for a while filling in, but they never hired me because the position was not for me. And the reason was, I had to take care of my mother full-time until her death.

It can be that way in a relationships. God could show a woman or man that they will have a  relationship with someone, and they assume it means marriage, but it doesn’t. What they were shown was the relationship, but they will not marry because that person is not for them.

This is why you have to hear God’s voice and not assume. Even people who have dreams and visions have to be careful that they don’t ASSUME that things will end the way they think it will.

Hear for yourself. Get in God’s face and pray and fast. And don’t fall for that which someone else wants you to do. Obey God. He has already spoken. You can make something happen, or you can listen to God. The choice is yours.

Lamentations 3:37

New International Version (NIV)

37 Who can speak and have it happen
if the Lord has not decreed it?

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