Strong Delusion/Believing a Lie

bridge-out-signI’ve never seen anything like it. How can one proclaim what God is going to do, when they are not living right themselves? How is it blessing and cursing (profanity) come out the same mouth? How is it that some are watching pornography daily, lusting in their hearts, contemplating fornication and living with one another BEFORE marriage, smoking and drinking and getting drunk and pronouncing judgment on others?? It’s called strong delusion and believing a lie.

The thing about sin is it sends a spirit of delusion. Just like Samson, getting up from his bed of sin and having perceived success and he didn’t even know he was days away from DYING!! Well that may not be the case of anyone, but then again it might be (google Steve McNair) but some are on the verge of destruction and judgement and they have deceived themselves to thinking others are wrong and they are right. YOU ARE WRONG AND DELUDED AND LADEN WITH SIN AND GOD IS ABOUT TO SEND DIVINE DISCIPLINE.

I have my prophetic hat on right now. Some are believing a lie and they think God is with them because of success. Well Steve Hirsch, David James and Bill Asher are “successful” in their field of PORNOGRAPHY (I had to look that up) and God has NOTHING to do with what those men are doing.

Something is about to happen and it’s NOT GOOD. Judgement is getting ready to begin in the house of the Lord (among those who claim to know him). No one will be able to escape. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER TODAY!

Here are some signs you may be deluded:

1. You proclaim God’s word, but you believe it’s an old irrelevant book…(what)??

2. You don’t think fornication/adultery and other sins of the flesh is really sin.

3. You only have interest in God’s word when it benefits you, but not when it corrects you.

4. You only listen to prophets who say what you want to hear.

5. You only want to listen to a positive thinking gospel. You never want to hear a word that convicts you of sin.

6. You mix, new age, and other religious practices with your so-called Christian faith.

7. You are accountable to NO ONE.

8. You lie regularly and have no remorse.You even encourage others to lie.

9. There is NO separation between  you and the world. You love everything the world has to offer.

10. You want to lead and instruct God’s people, when you are going rogue, not living right and are subject to no one.

These are signs of STRONG DELUSION. Listen! God sees your heart and that is why he is sending a warning. For some (God told me this about someone once) Your soul is NOT RIGHT within in you and God is angry! It’s time to repent and TURN from ALL SIN!

1 Peter 4:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

Romans 1:18-19

New Life Version (NLV)

18 We see the anger of God coming down from heaven against all the sins of men. These sinful men keep the truth from being known.19 Men know about God. He has made it plain to them.

2 thoughts on “Strong Delusion/Believing a Lie

  1. I was just thinking about the idea about just because something worked out for someone who went about things the wrong way does not mean it is God’s blessing. Sometimes people make you feel bad for being honest, but God is watching. We have to do our best to maintain our integrity, and when we fail, don’t play it off as though it’s okay.

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