God is able!

A Prophetic Walk

I was reading an older post that I had written a while back about Tiger Woods and his “issues” and it got me to thinking about deliverance. You see you don’t really hear or see much about deliverance these days. What you hear more of is about people in ministry being exposed. But not much about deliverance. That is why God is going to deliver some appointed ones in a mighty way, so that the Body of Christ can be reminded of what God can do.

I know that when you have been bound by certain sins for a very long time, you lose hope that God can set you free, but that is why it’s important get get around people who have that testimony. Ask God to send someone your way who has been dealing with your issues, but is now free.

the_conversion_of_paul_on_the_road_to_damascusI know my current Pastor is a…

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A Million Regrets

I am living through the residue of something that I did yesterday. I have a million regrets. My prayer partner said something to me and she is right. She said never threaten to do what you would never do because the other person  doesn’t know that you won’t follow through.

Anger can make us do and say terrible things. I threatened to do something that I would NEVER do, and that is the truth. When I look back, I should be over these games by now, but I think I am now. So I have to continue on and surrender to what God want me to do.

I am not perfect and I know it. I’ve had two people say that I think I am. But I don’t hold it against them because they are cyber-acquaintances. The truth is I know me and my real friends will tell you that I am VERY hard on myself. So I am going to move forward and steer clear of some things.

You know when you get to a certain place in your walk with God, some things have got to change. You can’t react the same way you did in the past. Well lesson learned, time to move on. To my defense, my friend says I was provoked by mind games. 😉

Romans 8:28

New Living Translation (NLT)

28 And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.