Trusting Delilah Pt. 2

Samson is about to reap…

A Prophetic Walk

Samson-and-DelilahLies are very easy to embrace, when ones heart is open. The story of Samson is a prime example of that. Delilah never loved Samson. The Bible says Samson fell in love with her, but it doesn’t say that she fell in love with him and the reason we know she did not fall in love was because she accepted the challenge of the Philistines to lure Samson to tell the secret of his strength.

I’m sure Samson was like a celebrity in his day. He was more than likely a tall, handsome man and quite the catch. So Delilah may have never looked at him from the standpoint of really loving him. It was probably more of a challenge to snag the most eligible Bachelor of their day.

Once Delilah realized she had access to Samson’s heart, she used it to get information from him. And as you know…

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