That Matter of Respect

respect2A fellow blogger shared a blog post about respect and as I read it, I realize that, let’s just say, I am being reminded about respect.

I never think of myself as disrespectful and I even asked people who actually KNOW ME if I was disrespectful, but they all said no. I even asked family members who REALLY KNOW ME, particularly a couple of my brothers and you know family will tell you the truth. But they said no also.

Early this morning I was so angry, I could spit blood (not really) and I said some stuff and in true “New York” fashion, I spoke my mind. When I reread my words, I must admit, I wish I had worded them differently. Trust me it was going to be so much worse, but I stopped short of saying a whole lost of other stuff. Well, I guess the person sees me as disrespectful, even though I was just sharing out of anger. I have no point of reference because it usually just happens with this one person and also used to happen, my late father. Other than that I am fine. I realize this is something I must be more conscious of and work on. But I really am not around anybody who says I am disrespectful. Go figure.

But I also believe that you earn respect by the way you treat people. If you treat them poorly or disregard their feelings, sometimes you get the harvest from the seed that you have sown. And I am not justifying my behavior. Trust me, I am happy I didn’t say much of what I was thinking.  Again, I think that’s the New Yorker in me. lol

The matter of respect is very important and it works both ways. you get what you give. So let’s all work on that matter called respect.

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