Pop Culture: Scandal

Olivia and FitzOne of the most popular shows out is a show called Scandal. Sleep seems to have eluded me, so I decided to watch some of this past seasons episodes and one particular episode really got my attention. If you are up on Scandal you will understand. If you’re not, I will try to explain as much as I can as briefly as I can.

The show is based on a real like “fixer”. When people have scandals in their lives, they call on the character Olivia Pope to fix their problem and reputation. Well Olivia is having an affair with the President of the United States and in the episode that I was watching, the presidents wife was trying to get her husband away from Olivia, but sadly no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t get him away from his mistress. You see the President had fallen in love with a woman who was NOT his wife..

It was really quite sad. Imagine being the wife and not having any influence over your own husband and sitting on the sidelines watching him pine away for some other woman. YOUR HUSBAND!! Well, Mellie (the presidents wife) is a better woman than me. Her last ditch effort was to expose the affair, which she did on national television. He was shocked, but it still didn’t keep him away from his mistress. At first he was willing to give up everything for this forbidden love, but later, the reality of it all set in and he decided to run for reelection, which his wife knew all along (he was planning on leaving his wife).

You see most men are not going to give up their careers for a woman, even if they say they will. I believe when it comes down to it, if he is going to lose his career, he will probably let her go. You see, men are very much connected to what they do.

So the threat of a scandal and not running for president seemed to have cooled this couple down. Later in the series the President and Olivia’s relationship begins to deteriorate.TONY GOLDWYN

My focus was on Mellie. The worse position in the world is to focus on a man who is not focused on you. But to Mellies defense that was her husband, and I think I would fight too. I’ve never been married, so I can’t say 100%, but if I was married, I probably would. But if you are not married to a man and he chooses someone else. MOVE ON!

I despise adultery, so I am never rooting for Olivia and Fitz to be together. In the end I would hope for this marriage to work out.  But of course this is TV show called Scandal. 😉

4 thoughts on “Pop Culture: Scandal

  1. I get so intrigued and sickened by this show. On one hand, Olivia is amazing at fixing situations for the sake of the greatness of her country, but on the other hand her personal life is the destruction of the country. She’s the classic adulterous woman trying to stake a claim on someone who is not hers to claim – she’s sickeningly sweet and grows bitter like wormwood, following the path that God has in store for anyone who tries to break what he has joined. She believes she loves Fitz and he believes he loves her, but that is not true love. In fact, the only one with true love in this is Millie. She is willing to hang on to Fitz and love him while he crushes her soul every day for years. She seems manipulative, but she is wearing a mask and is truly just a woman with no direction as to what to do to save her life (which is sadly the place of many women facing this horror) http://www.rmiew.com – for real help and direction!!

    Fitz is in this relationship with Olivia because he gets a high off of convincing this insanely strong woman to lose her morals and sense of patriotism for him. He likes to do the manipulating and steal the power from women, he is angered by his wife and feels he has no love for her because she will not fully relinquish her power to him. There are moments when she does and he loves her, but then she takes her power back and re-destroys their marriage. Olivia is sickened even by herself and yet keeps giving her power to a man who does not deserve it. Millie must give hers to make this man honest, and yet she is too headstrong and defiant to take a backseat position (contentious woman). She wants to be in the limelight having the power she was not elected to wield by God or country.

    A woman must let a man do his own job (respect him as God says) and a man must sacrifice himself for his bride (love her) as Christ did for the church. If one of these is out of wack, then it’s all out of wack. AND only the power and grace of God can bring it BACK!

    • Hi friend! Miss you! I love everything you said about scandal. Yes,they portray the love between Fitz and Olivia as this intense thing, but I agree. It’s not love. It’s lust. The man has a wife! But as long as they think it’s love, it’s love. I love Mellie. Yes, she is headstrong etc, but I believe she really loves her husband and is frustrated because he doesn’t love her back. It’s painful to watch. I wish he would fall back in love with HIS WIFE and kick Olivia to the curb. Women respond to love and Mellie would change in a minute if Fitz turned his heart back to her, but he hasn’t. It’s sad. I despise adultery!!

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