This is Your Time Pt. 2

godsaidnotopI mentioned in a earlier post how God was going to get rid of the “Vashti” who was in our lives. Vashti represents that which was appointed for a season, but who’s time is up because what is chosen must come! And I remember sharing how GOD was going to do it. But guess how He is going to do it? He is going to do it through you!

Recently, the Lord showed me clearly how he is going to bring a particular situation to an end. You see this is no longer about you or me. But it’s about His purpose and His purpose cannot come forth as long as there is a hindrance in the way.

So how do we remove hindrances, whether they be people, places or things? Do you blame someone else, and not take responsibility? No, you don’t. What you do is lay it plainly where it belongs. ON GOD.

A couple of Sundays back, my brother told me I needed to listen to a message from his church and I was able to access it online immediately. Well the Pastor was sharing how when he was younger, he was about to make some changes because of a promise from a Pastor to work together in ministry. Well long story short, after he sold everything, told everyone he was going to work with the ministry, at the last minute the Pastor called and said “IT’S NOT GOD”.

That is the remedy for someone today. You have to tell that person and give an explanation and it’s really easy. All you have to say is: GOD SPOKE AND IT’S NOT GOD! If God has spoken, then that is the only explanation required.

You don’t have to throw anybody else under the bus. You don’t even have to take the blame, other than apologizing  for not telling them sooner. And when do you do this? The time is NOW. To let things go a day further will bring about destruction. It’s already gone on for too long. Yes, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO BRING SOME THINGS TO AN END!


In a vision I watched two different men try to re-create a momentous occasion, one of which was a marriage  proposal.  In each case, even though they went to great lengths to make sure the details were correct, they could not re-capture the moment.  And, I heard:  Even your fondest memories cannot be re-lived.  Leave the past alone and stay present with Me, says the Lord.  You can do nothing to live again or change any part of what is behind.  But, you can live the rest of your life to its fullest capacity with dedication to My kingdom and a heart of thanksgiving.

Romans 13:11  And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.

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