Trusting Delilah Pt. 2

Samson-and-DelilahLies are very easy to embrace, when ones heart is open. The story of Samson is a prime example of that. Delilah never loved Samson. The Bible says Samson fell in love with her, but it doesn’t say that she fell in love with him and the reason we know she did not fall in love was because she accepted the challenge of the Philistines to lure Samson to tell the secret of his strength.

I’m sure Samson was like a celebrity in his day. He was more than likely a tall, handsome man and quite the catch. So Delilah may have never looked at him from the standpoint of really loving him. It was probably more of a challenge to snag the most eligible Bachelor of their day.

Once Delilah realized she had access to Samson’s heart, she used it to get information from him. And as you know Samson’s nose was wide open because even after the Philistines would try to subdue him, using the information Delilah got from him, Samson still kept dealing with her.

Samson was probably a bit of a narcissist. Delilah was probably physically beautiful and she fed his ego and you know how it goes. He was too focused on what she was doing for him, when she was actually working against him. Women are often the downfall of men. And of course it has to be a woman who has an effect. But Delilah was a liar and deep down inside, I’m sure Samson knew it, even if he didn’t want to acknowledge the truth.

When Delilah did not get what she wanted, she started to throw a hissy fit and that is the test. Watch what happens when a person realizes they are not going to get what they want. That will be the test of whether or not it’s really love.

I guess Samson was not ready to let go of Delilah. But as my mother used to say, God will fix a fix to fix you. It was time for Delilah to leave Samson’s life. Too bad he didn’t realize it earlier. Perhaps Samson would have lived. But sadly Samson lost his life because of Delilah and not letting go.

When God says to let go, we have to let go. I don’t care how painful it is, we have to let go. If they are not in your future, they can wish to be till the cows come home. Holding on often makes it more difficult for people to let go.

Usually when we can’t release people God makes us do it and it is usually ugly and painful. If you have a “Delilah” in your life (meaning something or someone that has run their course) LET GO!! I’m telling you, if you don’t, you will live to regret it.

Judges 16:20-21

New International Version (NIV)

20 Then she called, “Samson, the Philistines are upon you!”

He awoke from his sleep and thought, “I’ll go out as before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him.

21 Then the Philistines seized him, gouged out his eyes and took him down to Gaza. Binding him with bronze shackles, they set him to grinding grain in the prison.

A Confidence Lifter

flirtingI had just gone in the supermarket to make a small purchase and get cash back and decided to dash down to my PO Box to pick up my mail and a man came out of the laundry and I heard him say “HEY!” At first I didn’t think it was for me, but then he called out again and I turned around and he simply said “you do your laundry here right?”. I looked at him, smiled and said “yes”, and so he said “hey” again. It’s was really cute. He seemed a little tongue-tied and I guess that was the best line he could come up with.

I’ve noticed him at the laundry before because he works there, but honestly, I would never have thought he was paying any attention to me, but you just never know who is watching. For me it was a confidence lifter. Sometimes when you are feeling your worse and think nobody is paying attention, there it is. 😉

I have to up my game. It was a really bad hair day, but I still got a look. lol. *thatisall*


This is Your Time Pt. 2

godsaidnotopI mentioned in a earlier post how God was going to get rid of the “Vashti” who was in our lives. Vashti represents that which was appointed for a season, but who’s time is up because what is chosen must come! And I remember sharing how GOD was going to do it. But guess how He is going to do it? He is going to do it through you!

Recently, the Lord showed me clearly how he is going to bring a particular situation to an end. You see this is no longer about you or me. But it’s about His purpose and His purpose cannot come forth as long as there is a hindrance in the way.

So how do we remove hindrances, whether they be people, places or things? Do you blame someone else, and not take responsibility? No, you don’t. What you do is lay it plainly where it belongs. ON GOD.

A couple of Sundays back, my brother told me I needed to listen to a message from his church and I was able to access it online immediately. Well the Pastor was sharing how when he was younger, he was about to make some changes because of a promise from a Pastor to work together in ministry. Well long story short, after he sold everything, told everyone he was going to work with the ministry, at the last minute the Pastor called and said “IT’S NOT GOD”.

That is the remedy for someone today. You have to tell that person and give an explanation and it’s really easy. All you have to say is: GOD SPOKE AND IT’S NOT GOD! If God has spoken, then that is the only explanation required.

You don’t have to throw anybody else under the bus. You don’t even have to take the blame, other than apologizing  for not telling them sooner. And when do you do this? The time is NOW. To let things go a day further will bring about destruction. It’s already gone on for too long. Yes, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO BRING SOME THINGS TO AN END!


In a vision I watched two different men try to re-create a momentous occasion, one of which was a marriage  proposal.  In each case, even though they went to great lengths to make sure the details were correct, they could not re-capture the moment.  And, I heard:  Even your fondest memories cannot be re-lived.  Leave the past alone and stay present with Me, says the Lord.  You can do nothing to live again or change any part of what is behind.  But, you can live the rest of your life to its fullest capacity with dedication to My kingdom and a heart of thanksgiving.

Romans 13:11  And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.


I was reading an older post that I had written a while back about Tiger Woods and his “issues” and it got me to thinking about deliverance. You see you don’t really hear or see much about deliverance these days. What you hear more of is about people in ministry being exposed. But not much about deliverance. That is why God is going to deliver some appointed ones in a mighty way, so that the Body of Christ can be reminded of what God can do.

I know that when you have been bound by certain sins for a very long time, you lose hope that God can set you free, but that is why it’s important get get around people who have that testimony. Ask God to send someone your way who has been dealing with your issues, but is now free.

the_conversion_of_paul_on_the_road_to_damascusI know my current Pastor is a man who shared that he has done some of EVERYTHING. He said he’s done every kind of drug known to man, he was a perpetual fornicator and even committed adultery and struggled after he got saved. But when I tell you this man is free, he is FREE. I mean he even confesses to us and his wife if he looks at a lady too long at the Wal-Mart. That is how accountable he is.

We can’t continue to make excuses for our sin, but the truth is that we really have to WANT to be free. The reason most people are not free from sin is because they are not tired enough. But sometimes that is why God will allow something to happen to push us toward deliverance.

How powerful will it to be to say you used to be a sex-addict, or a porn addict, or you got delivered from gluttony, masturbation, lying, stealing. fornication or adultery. Well it can be done plain and simple. We just have to do the work. And what is the work? I would say start with prayer and FASTING. The fasting is the key, but watch out. When you start fasting, I find that sin usually rears it ugly head even more. That is how you know what is in you. When you fast it will really begin to surface, but don’t let that stop you, just keep going.

I know; I’ve lost a lot of your right there because you don’t want to fast. Well guess what? If you don’t want to fast, you don’t want to be free!

Let your daily prayer be to be set free. No, I have not mastered everything, but I am learning the process and it works. Fell off the wagon a few times, but still know that God has the power to deliver because he has delivered me!

Someone is scheduled for a Damascus Road experience. Believe it. Someone is going to have a Saul to Paul experience. It’s going to be a sovereign move of God! And you are going to have a testimony of deliverance that is going to affect the masses! Watch and see!

Romans 8:13

New International Version (NIV)

13 For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.