My Movie Pick

I haven’t recommended a movie in a while, but if you are going to see one, I recommend Lee Daniels, The Butler. Based on a true story of an African-American butler, who worked in the White House during several administrations, this movie was an emotional journey.

Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker, provided a stellar performance along with Oprah Winfrey. Being African-American the movie was like a history lesson, of which I was familiar with all of what was shown. But I found myself wondering how many of the young people of my race, understand the history of African-Americans. But this is not just a story of African-American history. This was a story of American history.

At the end of the movie, many of the people (of all races) sat in their seats, just taking in what they had just seen. This movie is a sobering reminder that the accomplishment of African-Americans today is because of the humble servants the went before them and that African-Americans have contributed to the growth of this nation. But this movie is not a movie just for African-Americans. This movie is for everybody. This is a must see!

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