Talk About Timing!!

Steve HarveyThis morning I decided to listen to the Steve Harvey Morning show, which is unusual for me, since I don’t listen to secular radio regularly (no offense if you do). But for some reason I decided to listen to some of the show and Steve had an artist by the name of India Arie on the show and it was good.

There was a part of the show where relationships were being discussed and Steve (who is a best-selling relationship author) said not to pass the time with someone if he is not Mr. Right. So while I’m listening to this I am hearing God say NO to dating anyone other than Mr. Right, all the while thinking about who GOD said that man is. As I listened I felt troubled because I’ve always had in the back on my mind, if the man who GOD has spoken to me about goes in another direction, I have permission to do the same.

Well sure enough,  TODAY this man (the one God spoke to me about) let me know in no uncertain terms (or so he says) that I am wrong in what I heard from GOD. Wow, but I can’t reconcile that with what I heard this morning EXCEPT that God knew what was going to happen and was letting me know ahead of time that just because he is going off course, doesn’t mean I can too. Boy oh boy!!! To who much is given, MUCH IS REQUIRED!!!  It seems God chose today to let me know not  to think that I can move on. You see this was my hope for a while now!!! 😦

I know the timing of all of this is strategic. That, along with a prophetic message that I decided to open TODAY, let’s me know, God is not done with this. Sorry, but I trust God more than man. Then someone had a dream about a man being uncertain and it was shared just in time to prepare me for this. I tell you, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. If you only knew how much I want to get out of this, but I am a prisoner with Christ!!

One thing I do know is that I made the right decision not moving. AGAIN, God was so right and I would never move now. I mean NEVER (except to get married) and today before all of this happened I realized that the reason I would never move is because there is no love. This man DOES NOT love me.  I was thinking about that this morning in the shower. All before this happened today!

Sorry, but today is a venting day!!!  I’ve vented, making posts private and then restoring them. lol It’s a terrible predicament I’m in. But honestly, I do hope he moves on because that is the ONLY way, he will know if what he wants is of God. Meanwhile, I can’t date?? For real Lord???

I think it’s because I am My Brothers Keeper!!

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