Learning to Wait

I'm still waiting

I was talking to a friend recently and we were talking about waiting and suddenly I felt sad for people who don’t understand the concept of waiting on God. I’m not talking about an excuse for doing nothing. I’m talking about the legitimate wait that God requires before His promises manifest. Yes, you do absolutely have to wait on some things…God’s promises are not instant.

I have two promises that God told me about 10 years ago and yet I am still waiting. I know most people would have given up by now, but I am learning that there is a purpose in the wait. God does NOTHING without purpose. Whether it’s to prepare you, or whether it’s that the “thing” you are waiting on is not ready. Whatever the case, if God makes you wait there is a reason.

I am very much into the concept of the “fullness of time” and the reason is it’s because it’s biblical. The Bible often speaks of the “fullness of time” or the “set time”.  Even Jesus had to be born at a particular time in history. He could not have been born a minute earlier or a year later. Jesus was born at just the right time and so it is with what God is doing in our lives. A minute earlier, or a year late would be the wrong time. This can become a dilemma when we are waiting on God because most of us want what we want, when we want it, and we want it NOW. 🙂

So how was I able to wait all of this time? Because once the promise is “conceived” and God continues to confirm, it’s a done deal. You wait until you see the manifestation.  It’s like being pregnant. You carry it inside of you until it’s time to give birth. And as the confirmations continue to come, it’s keeps you focused on the vision. And then of course, God reveals more and more along the way and your “baby” begins to grow inside of you until you are undeniably “pregnant”.  There are also corresponding actions you must take. Waiting does not mean just sitting doing nothing.

Here is an example: the Lord spoke to me about supernatural financial increase. This is ME, so don’t judge me. His ways are different for everyone. Actually, God told me He was going restore what I had lost for following Him (yes sometimes we lose following God). This was before the 10 years. But it was 10 years ago that God revealed the method in which restoration would come and in the beginning, I first had to be convinced that God would even use this method. Then after I started believing, God allowed me to glean money through this system here and there. Then more and more was shown to me until I have no doubts. And even though I have not seen the total fulfillment, I am sure. I still keep getting confirmations and insights and small manifestations and it’s truly amazing! So how can I not wait?

So how do you pass the time while you are waiting? You stay in the face of God. You stay focused without making the promise an idol (that’s another blog) and you follow His instructions. You have to continue to grow in grace also. God is not going to allow you to prosper without your soul prospering. What I mean is, God is not going to let the promise take preeminence over your spiritual growth. If that happens, watch out. You may be in for a pruning of the things that have become a hindrance to your spiritual growth. In other words, if your career is taking you away from God, you might lose the career to get you back to God!

Waiting is not easy, but there is a purpose. Recently, God allowed me to glean a couple of thousand dollars through this method He gave me and suddenly, I saw the potential and the reason for the wait. It was so supernatural that had I not waited, I would have been overwhelmed. I instantly saw that five years would not have been enough time to prepare me for this particular promise. Suddenly, it all made sense.

Don’t let your age and stage concern you where God’s promises are concerned. God does not see it the same way that we do.  He is preparing you so that you can KEEP what He gives you. Some are just now learning the lesson of waiting and it’s not easy, but there is nothing you can do about it. I mean you can take matters in you own hands, but then you will only create an “Ishmael” (flesh manifestation) and the problem with Ishmael’s is they hinder the real promise. Be encouraged! God has NOT forgotten you. He is just making you wait.

Psalm 27:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

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