The Trayvon Martin Case

This past week, the verdict came in on the Trayvon Martin case and to say it’s polarizing is an understatement. This case is really about how we see the situation. and it’s pretty much divided along racial lines. I am not speaking for my whole race, but as an African-American woman, here is how I see it and here is how many African-Americans see it.

Most us see Trayvon as a son, brother, nephew and we just believe this particular situation did not have to end this way. I have followed the case and the key to why so many African-Americans are upset is the fact that Trayvon was profiled. George Zimmerman assumed that Trayvon was up to no good, when he was not. He was going to the store to get some snacks and was returning to his fathers girlfriends apartment.

Zimmerman called the police and reported seeing someone suspicious. For many African American’s this means he was “walking while Black”. What was so suspicious about coming from the store with a snack and talking on the phone?

Zimmerman was clearly instructed not to leave his car and with him disregarding that instruction, is at the root of the issue for many. Had he remained in his car, more than likely Trayvon would not have died. The truth is, he was not doing anything wrong other than walking from the store.

The focus has been on the altercation, which in my opinion, is not really the issue. The problem for me is this young man, (who I have a nephew around that age) was categorized as a monster when he was a child. I think at the heart of how many African-Americans feel is that, our children are viewed as criminals who are always doing something wrong.

Do I think the verdict was wrong? Yes I do and and the reason is simple. Mr. Zimmerman should have STAYED IN THE CAR!

In my opinion (I don’t know the law) but Stand Your Ground, should have been disregarded, once someone goes beyond the warning to stay AWAY from the situation. After all, how do you perpetuate/provoke a situation, kill someone because of YOUR actions and then not have to pay for it. Like I said, this is how many people see it.

There are many things about this case that are disturbing. The joke that Zimmerman’s lawyer told at the beginning of the trial. The jovial, carnival atmosphere after they won the case. It’s said that Zimmerman plans to sue Trayvon’s parent’s and then to add insult to injury, one of the jurors already has a book deal and plans to profit over this.

It all speaks to a lack of sensitivity over the death of a 17 years old boy who was someones son. If you are parent, think about how you would feel?

The 6 Decisions That Could Have Saved Trayvon Martin’s Life


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