Love Series: The One He Needs

This morning I was paging through Twitter and saw a post by Comedian/Author/Talk Show Host/Game show host..etc, etc.. Steve Harvey .and people were tweeting about some hilarious “church announcements” on his radio show. The responses made me want to hear it because I like humor about what goes on in churches.

So I tuned into the station and missed it, but there was a reason I tuned in when I did.  Steve was talking to women and telling then that there is a man out there that needs them. Steve also said that man may want certain things, but it’s about what he needs. Then he played this song called “Can You Feel It” by Kem and it really ministered to me and got me to thinking.

You see I was in this dilemma and it kind of traumatized me. You see if a man who God said if for you (God said it not me), pledges his undying love for someone else and claims they are soul-mates and are bound to each other for all eternity, what happens then? It’s taking me a while to recover, but I am getting there. And this morning was another step in the right direction. And you know why?  Because this morning the Lord was reminding me that I am really who this man NEEDS!!

A man can want many women and he can even think he needs some of them. But I know if God tells a man or woman who He has for them, that is because God knows who is best for us and who we NEED!

A friend of mind had a dream about my situation and it gave me great insight. Sometimes people know what they need even if the pretend they don’t. lol  That is all I’m going to say. I just thank God for the insight.

However this turns out, I will be okay. God knows. Meanwhile ladies, guard your heart, hide yourself in God and prepare!

1000077_10151749102291718_819501060_n (2)Proverbs 18:22

New International Version (NIV)

22 He who finds a wife finds what is good
and receives favor from the Lord.

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