Warning for America

The other day when the Supreme Court ruled DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) null and void, I felt a shift in the atmosphere and it wasn’t good. Words cannot express how heavy my heart is at the direction this nation is taking in this area and many others. There is so much going on that we don’t even realize is happening and our liberties are being taken away everyday. Ten years from now, we will not recognize America if these things keep going on.

What grieves me more than anything is the attitude of the church and how we are largely silent while sin is being legislated. What is more grievous, is that Christians may or may not believe what the bible says and even if they do, they will remain silent or politically correct. There is only one problem. God is not going to allow this stuff to go on without judging it. Read your bible.

The biggest enemy to the church today is this “user-friendly” gospel being preached that is designed to not step on any ones  toes. There is an absence of teaching on sin, judgment and hell and anything deemed “negative”. If it’s not positive thinking or making us feel comfortable in spite of our sin, we don’t want to hear it. The bible talks about itching ears and not wanting to hear the truth.

I’m afraid for America, but I am more afraid for the church. Remember, Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of sin. I don’t know why we don’t think judgement is about love. That is absolutely what it’s about. Just like a parent brings correction, so God does the same thing. This has been bubbling up in my spirit for a while and then this morning I heard a warning from a Prophet about America and it confirmed all that I am feeling.

Do you think that America will be exempt from being destroyed? Do you think war can’t break out right on our shores? Do you think natural disasters can’t come and destroy us? Do you think life as we know it, can’t change in a minutes time? If you think we are exempt from any of this, you are surely mistaken.

Just recently, TSUNAMI activity was picked up on the EAST COAST!! Do you think we can’t get hit and the East coast be wiped away?? Remember Sandy?? Hit the East Coast and did damage that those people NEVER thought they would experience. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE OF GOD!!

Please take the time to listen to this warning concerning America. And there is also a link explaining what the Supreme Courts decision meant.

Supreme Court strikes down part of DOMA

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