Warnings About People Pt. 2

debt_freedomI wanted to share another experience of a warning God gave me about someone. If you didn’t read part one, you can click on this link, so this post doesn’t  seem like it’s coming from nowhere. 🙂  https://apropheticwalk.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/warnings-about-people-pt-1/

I know not everyone get’s warning in dreams and visions, but if you pay attention  God will let you know when you need to be careful about people.. I am just sharing my own experiences.

I remember meeting this lady through a message board and when I read her posts, she seemed quite mild-mannered and nice and somehow, she and I connected offline and started talking to each other  via phone. Well was I in for the shock of my life.  This woman (who I have been disconnected from for years) was one of the loudest women I had ever met in my life. lol So much for the online persona.

Well long story short, I dreamed about this woman and saw a black rat and sure enough in a short  period of time I was on a three-way call with her and she decided she was going to call ANOTHER woman and allow myself and the other woman to LISTEN IN without her knowledge. I remember as soon as she  started dialing the other woman’s number, I hung up. And other than one to two more conversations, that was it (she called me).

It was all so very shocking because I have never and will never let someone listen in on my phone calls. But this was yet another warning and in this case and the other case that I shared, God wanted these women completely out of my life. But there are also times when God’s warning are about  keeping people out of your life for now. It’s funny how I started this post, shortly after posting part one, but couldn’t finish it until now and I think it’s because I have the perfect example of this last point.

So I was going to email someone, just to be courteous because they continue to “communicate’ with me, but God said no. But I didn’t realize it until after I tried to send the email, and it stayed in the outbox, meaning it just would not send. Then it came to me, that maybe I was not supposed to communicate with the person. Well, me not getting it, I tweeted the person, just trying to be nice. Well I got a response that let me know that I need to leave that person alone for now.

You see some times God will warn us about folks we need to leave alone for now also. The truth is, I’ve gotten warnings for a while now, and without assassinating their character, God showed me healing and deliverance is needed.

I will just have compassion from a distance because not only do they need it, but they are going to need it even more in the days to come. Meanwhile life goes on and I am living my life and enjoying it and will continue to steer clear and listen to God’s warnings..

Proverbs 16:18

New International Version (NIV)

18 Pride goes before destruction,a haughty spirit before a fall.


4 thoughts on “Warnings About People Pt. 2

  1. I was supposed to be in bed now, but instead I checked my email and saw this post sitting there. I was seeking an answer about something I felt i my spirit, and this answered it. All I will say is it is on time and I need to read the first post to solidify my thoughts even more. Thank you.

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