Warnings About People Pt. 1

betrayalYesterday, I was leaving the library and ran into a member of the church I was attending for a while, a few years back. I believe I  shared on here that a family friend (Pastor) had returned to the area and resumed ministry at his church and also started a home church in my area. For a while we had a very nice group and met at the house of the Pastors sister. Then things seemed to go south because the sister of the Pastor started problems with EVERYONE in the congregation, even her brother the Pastor.

So yesterday, the young lady who I ran into, told me all that was being said behind my back by the Pastors sister and it made me so hot, but also helped me understand why God gave me a warning dream about this woman.  She is an older woman and alone and I’m not sure why she is the way that she is, but something  was definitely wrong. So after her brother confronted her about everyone in the church who she offended, the congregation pretty much fizzled out.

I remember so well, that I had a dream that this woman was parked in front of the house where I used to live and I could see her car and her standing there, but right beside her, I saw a rat and a snake in the road. At that time I did have a relationship with her, and you know how it is when God warns us about the character of people. We sometimes don’t want to let go.

Well long story short, the young lady  told me that this woman told everyone that I never offered her money when I rode in her car. After the home study was disbanded, we would car pool to the larger church and we all contributed toward gas. I have to tell you it’s shocking to me when people lie, but it’s more shocking to hear them lie ON YOU. Well I can attest to the fact that on at least ten occasions I offered the woman gas money and she TURNED ME DOWN. I kept offering (because I know how people are). Finally after several times of offering I stopped. I am guess that is when she started saying I didn’t offer. But guess what? My mother didn’t raise a fool. Even AFTER she turned me down, guess what I gave her for Christmas??. I gave her a 50.00 gas card!!! Now it all makes sense. I gave it to her in front of her daughter and she acted strangely and tried to act as though she didn’t know what it was even after I told her it was a gas card. I tell you people are something!!

Hearing what was being said behind my back reminded me of the warning dream that I had about her. God was showing me the character of this woman. Shortly after the dream, the relationship ended and I am glad it did.

We can think we know better than God, but He will show us that we don’t. Here is what I want to share with those who may be dealing with letting go: when God says to let people go, DO IT! I wish I had done it right when I had the dream, but I learned for next time. Some people are dangerous and when folks begin to lie on you, that is the time to LET GO!

1 Peter 5:8

New International Version (NIV)

8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

8 thoughts on “Warnings About People Pt. 1

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  2. “Some people are dangerous…”
    Funny because I say that quite often. People are dangerous for various reasons, and what may be considered a danger for you may not be for me, and vice versa. It comes in all forms and we have to be vigilant because some dangers are packaged really nice and could turn into crutches, or a situation where you compromise yourself in order to preserve the friendship, etc. One thing the Lord has always impressed upon me is that everything, and I will even say everyone, is not what it seems. So, when the Holy Spirit reveals something to us, we must be first time hearers and act right away. God knows best. Thanks again.

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