Preparation for the Next Level

DSC00197Since living with my sister, I’ve been going with her to the organic store that she shops at and my eyes have been opened to a whole new world. I’ve known about organic foods, but have not been able to afford it, or so I thought.

So each week my sister goes to the store and she buys enough food for the week and really when I see how much she spends it’s really not that much more than what I would spend at a regular supermarket. And then too, if you are disciplined about food and don’t do a lot of mindless eating, it is possible to scale back on your food bill. That is a lot of my problem. It wouldn’t be that hard if I would be more disciplined. It’s a life-long battle.

I see that God is preparing me for the next level in how I eat and where I shop. We are also going to go to Whole Foods, which is in the next city, but thank God, there is one coming our way soon. I just see that these are some of the changes that I am going to be making starting now.

Food has a great impact on health and with all the chemicals in the food, along with processed food and fast foods, we are a nation plagued with a lot  of sickness. I am committed to taking care of myself, especially as I get older. I do not want to get sick and there are changes that I have to make now.

A poverty mindset comes in all forms. As I walked around this new and very different supermarket and saw the prices, my first thought was “I will have to be a millionaire to shop here”, but I know that is not  the truth. What I do realize is I need to have a different mindset and realize that I am worth the investment.

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