Blamers and Liars

This needs to be repeated. 🙂

A Prophetic Walk

own itI’ve never seen anything like this. Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of people who are playing the blame game. Always blaming others for what they themselves are responsible for. But what is dangerous is when they begin to blame me for things that I have not done. Not everyone, but lately I’ve had two people try to make me the fall guy for what they have done.

I am keeping a low profile on purpose because when you deal with that “blame spirit”, you need to disconnect from people who do that. But God told me He will vindicate me of what is being done against me.

I just watched someone defame me and accuse me of doing something I DID NOT DO. But it’s okay. God is setting this up and when God brings this to an end, it will end in a way that only…

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