Sickness and Weakness

breaking soul tiesThere is something that I am looking at that has me baffled at times. I am looking at a situation where this man seems helpless to the wiles of this woman (he calls it love), but there is only one problem. It’s online. And honestly, I can see this happening with a woman, but I find it odd for a man.

When I asked the Lord about it, I sense God telling me that much of what I have seen, is the result of sickness and weakness. Some people are more vulnerable to certain things than others and some people are weaker than others.

I was not opposed to this thing happening if it had to, until God showed me in a dream that is was not His will for the two parties to meet. In fact, I believe that God is showing me that the end it near. So I agree with GOD and decree there will be no meeting, in the name of Jesus.

I remember so well hearing this Pastor share how he had purposed in his heart to meet with this woman who was NOT his wife (adultery) and even though his wife didn’t know his plans, that day God told her to pray that he would not commit adultery and as her husband attempted to move toward this other woman, he was struck by lightning. Yes, it happened. What a way for God to stop something.

The person God has for me, won’t be meeting up, visiting, etc. anyone else. In fact, I am anxiously waiting and watching for this bond between these so-called “twins” to DIE. My prayer today is that God begin to permanently break this thing NOW because I am getting sick of looking at it. It’s time to let go.

When God speaks and tells you the truth about a right thing, you don’t go toward the wrong thing; period, case closed, the end.

It’s amazing too. The other woman is so very opposite of what I see that I’m dumbfounded. But then some people because of sickness and weakness, are easily fooled. God knows who and what is best for us. Just accept it and MOVE ON! No matter how “perfect” you think someone is for you, FATHER KNOWS BEST! Trust me…she wouldn’t be able to endure the public scrutiny.

When God says let someone go, mourn, but LET THEM GO! Destiny is waiting and if you keep holding on to the dead thing, you will only further complicate your destiny!

Jeremiah 8:22

King James Version (KJV)

22 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

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