Love Series: Ministry Confused With Marriage

I just saw a perfect example of this. It was pure ministry, even though the person thinks it’s about marriage.

A Prophetic Walk

Confused Woman2_NewI asked the Lord some questions about a situation and God answered plainly. He said that the woman in the situation was supposed to minister, but her DESIRE entered in and made it about MARRIAGE! Wow!

Desire brings deception. When we want something and God gives us spiritual insight in a matter it’s easy to misinterpret what God is saying. That is how I know, I have heard from God. No desire. lol

It’s important to guard ones heart. I was talking to someone (male) and was pleasantly surprised when he told me he does not date, and he doesn’t even look at women (averts his eyes) and that is how he has been able to maintain his celibacy (he was married before). I didn’t think there were men living like this and hearing this gave me hope.

Some people think being strict is not necessary. But closing the door helps…

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